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Join Us & Learn
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If you wish to join P.S.A. Please send:

  •  Your Playing name 

  •  Your I.C.Q. Number should you have one?

  •  Your E-Mail Address

  • & The times you usually play to me at:

You will have to play a test game against either a Squadron leader or a Clan leader to join.

You don't have to win but you must know how to move the ships ect.



If You are successful in joining you will have to go through a training plan.

During this plan You will learn how to play Defensively & Offensively.

When Your trainer / trainers think you are ready you will be tested on both of these disciplines If successful you will graduate from training & will become a fully fledged member of P.S.A.

All new members will have to go through training regardless of their skills. If You feel you are too good to need training you have nothing to lose by entering the training as you will graduate straight away wont You ?.

If You have any queries post a message on the message board.