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Trophy Room

(This room Is For Screenshots of Good Players That you Beat)

Send Them To Me At & I Will post them.

Xenz 3.jpg (137348 bytes)    Xenz 2.jpg (121223 bytes) 

XenzGuru Killed By Garr PSA** & HatredPSA**

farbeyondriven.jpg (73462 bytes)

Farbeyonddriven Killed By ACFrogPSA:FA*

shota042.jpg (248406 bytes)

GoldWolfTWP Killed By GarrPSA** & HatredPSA**

Chicken.jpg (215258 bytes)

GreekGhicken Killed By GarrPSA** & MabusPSA:LS

SLS.jpg (207755 bytes)

LordRule[SLS] Killed By GarrPSA** & HatredPSA**

Shota003.jpg (152840 bytes)

Red_Dragoon0 Killed By Bobafat:PSA:FA In HW:C

shota054.jpg (220528 bytes)    shota055.jpg (220410 bytes)

*Pug*(BOB) & Cpt_Jim_(BOB) Killed By CryptitePSA:T & NetnixPSA:T

BobaEnemy.jpg (164153 bytes)

NDR-WhiteShark Killed By BobafatPSA:FA & EnemyPSA:LS

Flea.jpg (262560 bytes)

Fleaguru Killed By RazerxPSA:MD & TaskerPSA:MD

Mazer.jpg (82397 bytes)

Mazerguru Killed By RazerxPSA:MD

Hmetalshot.jpg (55765 bytes)

Veagleguru Killed By HmetalPSA:MD

Hmetal trophy.jpg (121422 bytes)    Net trophy.jpg (115220 bytes)

Nemguru & Yngwoodyguru Killed By NetnixPSA: & HmetalPSA:MDC